An Update on the Volta Region…

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

While we were on our trip to Ghana in February we had an opportunity to travel to the Volta region of Ghana. Ghana is separated into several geographic regions. We were staying in the Western Region. The Volta region is on the far eastern side of the country. The journey to the Volta region began here in America.

Our friend Seth knew a man named Emmanuel whose family is from the Volta region of Ghana in a town called, Tsiveto. A few weeks before our trip to Ghana Seth invited Wayne, Nick and myself to his home to hear about a recent trip his friend Emmanuel had taken to Tsiveto. They had gone there on a medical mission trip. As Emmanuel showed us pictures of Tsiveto he eventually came to some pictures of idols that are in the village. He explained that the people in Tsiveto still worship these idols. There are no missionaries working in the village. There is no consistent Gospel witness there to lead the people away from their idols and toward Jesus.

One of the idols in the village of Tsiveto

We knew immediately that God was speaking to us through Emmanuel. God made it clear in our hearts that night that we needed to travel to Tsiveto and allow God to open doors there to share the Gospel with people who are living in spiritual darkness.

The "god" who guards the entrance to Tsiveto

We knew we would not be able to spend much time in the Volta region while we were there in February. It was a 6 hour journey from where we were staying. We set aside one day toward the end of our trip to travel to Tsiveto and see what doors God would open. The trip was very interesting. We were taken to a “sick camp” or “prayer camp” where people who have been rejected from their villages were taken. This was a place none of us were quite prepared for. I won’t go into details, but it was interesting and disturbing. We were then taken into the village of Tsiveto and given a tour by a man who lives in the village. He took us around and showed us the idols and introduced us to the king.

We were seated in front of the king and given the opportunity to share our concern for Tsiveto and the Volta region. After a few tense moments Wayne began to tell the king that we came in the name of Jesus and that our desire was to share Jesus with the people of Tsiveto. None of us knew how he would react. We were seated only a few feet from the king’s “god.” Ultimately the king told us that we were welcome to return and tell the people in Tsiveto about Jesus. Praise God, the door we had prayed for was opened!

We had to return to the Western region that same day but Wayne was able to schedule a return trip later in March. This brings us to where we are today. Wayne travelled to the Volta region along with a few African people who volunteered to travel with him from the Western region. Wayne has been there for a couple of days now and the trip has been nothing short of amazing.

The first night they were there they were taken to the prayer camp we visited during our trip. That night they held a service that lasted for several hours. They shared Jesus and prayed with those who were sick and who were dealing with serious spiritual strongholds. I spoke with Wayne after that first night and he told me that it was an amazing time of seeing God work in powerful ways. He said that curses were broken, demons were fleeing and people were coming to Christ. Last night they returned to the same prayer camp and held services again which were equally amazing.

The big news came today when they were taken to another village nearby Tsiveto. This village was a shock. The people there were consumed by idol worship. Some of their gods were simply trees in the village that they prayed to for blessing when they go out to hunt. They had shrines in the village where the people offer sacrifices to their gods. After touring the village they were asked to speak with the people there. About 40 villagers were gathered and they began to share Jesus with them. They preached Jesus in a place where people have been worshipping dead idols for generations. Wayne said that when they finished preaching half of the people there gave their hearts to Jesus! He said it was unlike anything he had ever seen. The people are running away from their idols and running to Jesus. They are ready to tear down the idols and worship Jesus. They have already named their church!

The work is not over yet. Tonight they will go into Tsiveto to hold a crusade. They will be preaching about Jesus and calling the people to leave their idols and run to Jesus. God has already showed His power there in the last couple of days and we are excited to see what He will do tonight in Tsiveto. Please pray for Wayne and his team as they boldly share Jesus in a place where the devil has had a stronghold for many generations. We are confident that Jesus is going to work powerfully in Tsiveto tonight!

I will update again as soon as Wayne calls to give me a report from Tsiveto. Pray hard for him and the team as they fulfill the Great Commission in the Volta Region of Ghana. Pray for safe travel for their team tonight as they leave the Volta region to return to the Western region. Pray for God to continue to open doors for the Gospel in Ghana. Pray that God will prepare the way for our return trips to Ghana in the year ahead.

I also had an opportunity to speak with one of the men who is with Wayne. His name is also Emmanuel. As we were speaking and I was encouraging them Emmanuel said to me, “God is doing it…God is doing it.” Praise God, He is using frail men and women to display His power and glory!

  1. Pastor Brian,

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent visit to HBC. The children in Team Kid listened intently as you spoke and showed them what being a missionary is all about. The children will have follow up sessions with question and answer times, and I will encourage them to pray earnestly for your mission team members as you gear up for ongoing & future activities.

    Please keep in touch and let me know how I can help. It is truly amazing to witness God’s amazing grace in action through the work of dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. Thank you once again for sharing time with us.


    Bill Hosier

  2. purpose2012 says:

    Bill, it was my pleasure. I was happy to have the opportunity to come and share. I hope the presentation made an impact on the children and adults. There is still so much to do. Thank goodness Wayne has laid a great foundation. We will be in touch.

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  4. Janet Brown says:

    Pastor Brian
    I too, enjoyed your visit to Hughesville Baptist Church. It is amazing how God works to reach all those He loves. I will keep you and your team members in my prayers as you continue to do God’s work. I will also help to sponsor the children there.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    In God’s love,
    Janet Brown

    • purpose2012 says:

      Thank you Janet. Please pray for us as we plan our return trip later this year. We will be organizing support soon so we can take care of all the logistics. We know God has opened an incredible door for the Gospel in Ghana and we need partners here at home who will help. We will keep you updated on the progress. Thanks so much for your prayers.

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